Sunday, May 1, 2011


Long time no update. Geez. Sorry. I've been pretty busy. Work, kitsuke, ikebana, art, studying Japanese, traveling (we just went to Turkey), learning ukulele and exercising (I just started the P90X workout program)...

At the end of May I'm going to KIMONO DE JACK in Kyoto. I'm -really- excited. I have an ensemble picked out, and I think I'm going to wear Ya no ji musubi, I really like it. I practiced tying it the other night. Came out a bit more like an X than an arrow, but I still like it. :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

First kitsuke class

I recently started taking kitsuke classes with my friend Eiko. I've only been to two classes so far, but I really enjoy it. The ladies are all very kind and friendly and it's really interesting to see the ensembles they put together and the musubi they tie. I just observed in the first class, but they dressed me up in furisode for practice. This is probably the only time I'll wear furisode, since I'm an old married lady of 26, and furisode kimono are generally reserved for young unmarried women. ;)

It's amazing how TIRING it is to dress/be dressed in kimono...

Obligatory "First post" post

This is the start of the KaranKoron kimono blog! "Karan koron" means "clip clop" (the sound of geta) and "dori" means street... so this blog is "Clip Clop Street."

I plan on posting about kimono and Japanese design and culture. I just set up a vintage kimono shop on Etsy (see the links to the right). I don't have much to post right now, but here's an iPhone shot of a cute ensemble I found outside the local Wakon (Wakon is a chain of fashionable kimono stores). I love the obi's leaf design! It was also available in bright green colors, but I think the brown is nicer.

Fall's finally starting here in Hyogo. Japan had a really hot summer, one of the hottest in a long time. I'm looking forward to cooler weather, it's much more conducive to practicing kitsuke!